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Thursday, March 15, 2007



Music Shorts Competion – deadline: 15 May 2007


Rome, (Italy) 12 March 2007 – The Golden Graal 2007 Awards and the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF), in collaboration with Cinebox Records and Agiscuola, present the new competition for shorts (short films, documentaries, videoclips, animated animations, etc.) to accompany Maestro Ennio Morricone’s music.


Cinevox Records (www.cinevox.it), a world renown record label, is supplying the best of its catalog for directors/writers who want to embark on the creation of images utilizing the music of the great, unforgettable composer Ennio Morricone.


The registration form and the relative info is on-line on the Golden Graal’s ufficial web site: www.goldengraal.com. Or send an email to: progettocorto@goldengraal.com.


Directors from all over the world are eligible.

The final deadline to send your completed short is: 15 May 2007


In addition, all technical data necessary for the videoclip, as well as a list of the music which can be utilized, can be found on the website.


Best Videoclip:

1.      The first 30 clips will be screened during the Golden Graal at the Casa del Cinema and/or at the Communication Sciences Faculty, etc.;

2.      The first 10 clips will be put on a DVD to be distributed to international markets (Cinevox will acknowledge royalties to the directors of the shorts);

3.      The best clip will be awarded during the awards ceremony of the Golden Graal 2007 (31 May at the Teatro Argentina in Rome);

4.      The best middle-school student’s clip will be awarded during the awards ceremony of the Golden Graal 2007 (31 May at the Teatro Argentina in Rome).


For further information: www.goldengraal.com

Or email us at: progettocorto@goldengraal.com

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