07/04/2006 ...Students voting!

The 2nd edition of the Golden Graal – Students Choice Awards will take place in Rome on June 7th at the historical Ambra Jovinelli  theatre.

Students of the main Italian and European schools of cinema and theatre give the prestigious awards to those artists who have been able to create a new way of approaching theatre cinema and music.

The directors of the event; Paolo Monaci, Marco Spagnoli and Pina Traini have come up with two winning ideas inside the setting of the Golden Graal which is not the usual elegant promenade where we you already know who won!

This is the first award to have a student jury, actors, authors and technicians of tomorrow, having the experiences of a whole continent ready to pick up immediately new ideas, new impulses and new ferments, which make them, award the new the better sometimes the unknown (for now) to the most.

The second idea is to not only have an awards ceremony but also , in the two following days, two days of workshops. These two days conducted by professionals in the different fields of artistic performance have the intent to create a formative path where exchanges, text, faces, of all Europe will melt together and stimulate each other as to open a special moment of improvisation, lessons and possibly “mise en scène”.

During the evening of the 7th of June which will see the participation of famous interpreter of our theatre, of actors and cinema movie directors, will be given the golden graal award for the cinema theatre and music; the golden graal to the career and the international awards which in 2005 have seen the smile of Penelope Cruz and the excitement of Gael Garcia Bernal.
Among the awarded of the 2006 edition, Rena Mirecka, Polish actress of the Intsytut Aktora Teatr Laboratorium of Jerzy Grotowsky, an icon in the history of contemporary theatre, Carlo Verdone, one of the most representative faces of the Italian “Malincomicità” of the last 30 years.

During the same evening the “elder colleagues” will assign the most important Award voted by the students; the four scholarships IMAIE Astro nascente (newborn star) to those artists that are entering the world of the stars in Cinema theatre and Music thanks to their passion and their professionalism.

The invitation is not only for the evening of the 7th of June in Rome at the Ambra Jovinelli Theatre but the Press is also invited the 8th and the 9th of June to personally attend the two days of stages at the House of Cinema (Casa del Cinema) to witness who will be the future stars of show business.
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